Tinashe – “Cold Sweat” Video

Tinashe’s icy, barbed R&B is usually noted for its sensuality, but the complexity she gives that subject on “Cold Sweat” and elsewhere stretches way beyond sex. When her debut, Aquarirus, came out, it earned our Album Of The Week distinction, and this was certainly a record that existed as a whole with no filler between the popular radio singles. “Cold Sweat” is one of those that my have gone under the radar, but now she’s released a video for the song that should change all that. All I can think while watching this clip is that Tinashe must have been watching some FKA Twigs, because her fractured, fluid dancing here is on a whole new level. This song is just as much about being alone with your desire as it is about fulfilling it, and Tinashe conveys both that desolation and yearning in the clip. Watch the Stephen Garnett-directed video below, and if it leaves you needing more from Tinashe, get her new mixtape Amethyst right here.

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