Kenny Chesney Concert Breaks Record For Most Fans Kicked Out Of Green Bay Packers’ Stadium

Police arrested 25 individuals for unlawful conduct and resisting arrest at Lambeau Field in Green Bay this past Saturday during Kenny Chesney’s performance, while between 250 and 300 other fans were ejected from the stadium for misbehavior. It was the highest number of people to ever be ejected from the Packers’ stadium, which is really saying something, since the team’s fans aren’t exactly known for their meekness. All of the offensive behavior has been attributed to alcohol, and according to the Green Bay Press Gazette, police noted that they confiscated tickets from at least 125 individuals on top of all of the arrests and ejections. These figures don’t factor in the large number of fans who paid a visit to EMS after drunkenly injuring themselves. It’d be easy to blame these numbers on the culture surrounding arena-bred country music in general, but it’s easier still to just blame Chesney’s glorification of alcohol abuse. As he sings in “Ten With A Two”: “Last night downtown I was drinking the booze/ Like it was going out of style/ My whole head got light/ I lost my eyesight/ I ain’t been that drunk in awhile.” You can check out some highlights from Green Bay’s police & rescue scanner during the concert at Deadspin.