Dungen – “Åkt Dit”

For more than a decade, the members of the Swedish band Dungen have been cranking out adventurous, jazz-inflected takes on ’70s psychedelia. But even though the various band members have kept themselves busy with side projects, it’s been nearly five years since the band released Skit I Allt, their last proper album. This fall, they’re coming back with a new one called Allas Sak. As ever, they’re singing in their native Swedish and throwing crazy flutes and saxophones into their flighty rock. Below, check out the album’s tracklist and the free-spirited first single “Åkt Dit.”

01 “Allas Sak”
02 “Sista Festen”
03 “Sista Gästen”
04 “Franks Kaktus”
05 “En Gång Om Året”
06 “Åkt Dit”
07 “En Dag På Sjön”
08 “Flickor Och Pojkar”
09 “Ljus In I Min Panna”
10 “Sova”
(via Pitchfork)

Allas Sak is out 9/25 on Mexican Summer in North America and Smalltown Supersound everywhere else.

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