Stream Tyga The King Album: 18th Dynasty

Tyga has decided to go the surprise-album route for The King Album: 18th Dynasty. He has also decided to go the Donda route, enlisting Kanye and Mike Dean as his executive producers. The artwork is done by Donda creatives, and while it’s no Pinkprint masterpiece, you can see the clear link to something like the Cruel Summer aesthetic. The unspoken connection between Kanye and Tyga, of course, is the relationship between their respective significant others. So if Kylie is the reason Tyga got a helping hand for this record, so be it. She might also be part of the reason he’s getting an MTV2 show called Kingin’ With Tyga that premieres 7/24.

But back to the music — the Boosie-featuring “Pleazer” already garnered a top spot in Status Ain’t Hood, so maybe there’s something here after all. The second-to-last track, “4 My Dawgs,” features Lil Wayne, but aside from him, Boosie and A.E. on “Mu Fucka,” this album has no other cameos. But the production is so clearly Kanye it would almost be funny if it wasn’t a little sad. Listen below.