Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino Shares Note To Fans About Why She Seems So “Serious” Onstage These Days

Best Coast dropped their debut full-length, Crazy For You five years ago, when Bethany Cosentino was a 23-year-old stoner with a heap of dude problems and an affinity for cats. She was a lot like other people her age, but unlike many of her peers, Cosentino wore her heart on her sleeve and wasn’t afraid of exposing her personality quirks to the public. Best Coast just released the mature, deftly-produced California Nights, and have been on an extensive tour in support of it. Cosentino’s online presence is generally über confident and positive, and as she mentioned to us in an interview, tends to ignore her haters. But sometimes, that’s not enough. Cosentino posted an open letter to fans in response to comments that she’s been “bitchy” and “bummed-out” during the band’s recent live shows, and the reason behind her supposedly unenthusiastic behavior isn’t as dramatic as critics might’ve hoped for. As Consentino puts it, she’s simply behaving like an adult and growing apart from the confused twenty-something that she was when Best Coast first blew up:

Relax, she still likes kitties.