Sky Ferreira Scolds Her Label On Social Media Again

Sky Ferreira Scolds Her Label On Social Media Again

This afternoon, Sky Ferreira took to Twitter to call out her UK label, Polydor, for essentially ripping her off and just generally being shitty to her. The tweets in question have since been deleted, but as Spin reports, this is what she said:

Me pulling teeth to get a video made from people who literally make treatments shot by shot of my previous video with another artist (sic)… They tried to hire every person who worked on all of them & literally replicate it… Ever heard of intellectual property?… I don’t get the support I should have by now… At least have the decency to give me some support/budget/promotion for my work, if you’re going to rip off my previous work that I paid for… ‘Well. You didn’t sell ____ amount of records (sic).’

No sh**t. I think it did pretty well considering the circumstances… Maybe I would have ‘sold more records’ if I had the resources to do so. It’s completely unfair that can even get used against me… I’m talking about labels & how they all need new structure… & need to be more creative & supportive of the people that they sign.

This isn’t the first time that Ferreira has publicly criticized her label. After navigating the major label system for years, she’s notoriously had quite a few disputes with a number of labels — she blasted Capitol for not having vinyl copies ready for the release of her great 2013 debut Night Time, My Time, and she got frustrated with EMI after they continuously delayed her album for years.

Sky Ferreira Facebook Screencap
(via BuzzFeed)

Still no word on a release date for her sophomore album Masochism, but let’s hope we don’t have to wait years this time.

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