AC/DC Finally Coming To Streaming Services Tomorrow

AC/DC are old school. They only started selling their music on iTunes three years ago, and up until now, they had resisted the lure of Spotify. But even AC/DC can’t hold out against the rising tide of streaming forever, and according to the New York Times, anonymous sources close to the band have confirmed that starting tomorrow their music will be available on streaming services like Rdio, Spotify, and Apple Music, which launches tomorrow. No one from AC/DC, Apple, Spotify, or Rdio have made any official comment yet.

And in other related news, artists continue to take sides in the streaming wars by making their music exclusive to one service or another. Perhaps unsurprisingly, BuzzFeed reports that Dr. Dre — one of the founders of Beats, which Apple acquired last year for $3 billion in the leadup to Apple Music — has decided to make his 1992 album The Chronic available to stream exclusively on Apple Music starting tomorrow. This will be the first time that The Chronic has been available on any streaming service ever, including Dre’s own Beats Music.