Beach House – “Sparks”

Beach House – “Sparks”

At the end of August, Beach House will release their fifth full-length, the highly-anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Bloom. Up until this point, the band has been laying low. We saw them perform a new song live in Montreal in 2014, before the record was announced, and in the same year they dropped “Saturn Song” on a cosmically themed compilation album, The Space Project. Just last week, Beach House announced on Twitter that the first single off of Depression Cherry would come today and, true to their word, it has. “Sparks” initiates with indiscernible muttering. Its an intricately woven loop of samples that mimic the moments before waking up, as an echoing voice from the outside pulls you up and out of slumber and into waking consciousness. In this song, that voice comes in the form of an unhurried, steadfast guitar motif that expands what could be a claustrophobic re-introduction of the band into something wide open and incandescent. Listen below.

Depression Cherry is out 8/28 via Sub Pop in North America, Bella Union in Europe, and Mistletone in Australia/New Zealand. Pre-order it from the Sub Pop Mega Mart.

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