La Luz – “Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere”

“Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere” is the second single from Weirdo Shrine, a Ty Segall-produced effort from the four ladies who make up Seattle’s La Luz. You would never guess from the song’s free-flowing twang and ’60s doo-wop sound that “Don’t Wanna Be Anywhere” is about the death of singer and guitarist Shana Cleveland’s friend, as she told Rookie Magazine:

That song is about when you lose somebody. A friend of mine died in Michigan, that I was close to when I was in high school. I was thinking about how when someone dies the world is almost physically changed because they’re not giving back to it and their breath isn’t in the atmosphere. That’s the lyrical meaning of the song, for me. But there’s also a lot of breath in the song. The first line is, “I don’t wanna be anywhere, you have not breathed the air.” A lot of that song is also just like breathing, all four of us breathing, all the aaahs and ooohs and stuff.


Weirdo Shrine is out 8/7 via Hardly Art.

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