Aye Nako – “Worms”

Aye Nako’s songs often sound something like a nightmare, except that nightmare is a reality that people live through every day. Their lyrics confront trauma and try to get a grip around it, no matter how tenuous that hold may be. On “Worms,” the second track we’ve heard from their upcoming EP The Blackest Eye after “White Noise,” the Brooklyn band tries to go about the day-to-day but can’t help but have their shit simmer to the surface. “It’s not what I want/ To feel the bile rise up,” Mars Dixon growls, resigning themselves to the inevitability of feeling overwhelmed and forced into action. But once you can see the injustice in the world and acknowledge your own prejudices, it feels irresponsible to ignore it. And Aye Nako are not the type of band to let it go — “knock some sense into me because I can’t refuse it.” Listen below.

The Blackest Eye EP is out 8/10 via Don Giovanni Records.

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