Stream Veruca Salt Ghost Notes

When we talked to Veruca Salt about their unexpected reunion, Louise Post told us, “It’s sort of like we picked up where we left off without missing a beat… It took us a while to sing together again. But I think once that door was open, it all started to come into play naturally.” Now we can find out for ourselves. Ghost Notes, the first album since 1997’s Eight Arms To Hold You to feature the band’s original lineup, is streaming in full. Advance singles “The Museum Of Broken Relationships,” “Laughing In The Sugar Bowl,” “The Gospel According To Saint Me,” and “Empty Bottle” gave us a pretty good indication that Post’s assessment was on point, and the rest of the record seals the deal: This thing is going to make Veruca Salt fans very, very happy. Stream Ghost Notes in full below via NPR.

Ghost Notes is out 7/10 on El Camino Records.

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