Crystal Castles – “Deicide”

Ethan Kath has shared the second song from the Alice Glass-less iteration of Crystal Castles. The first was “Frail” back in April, which kicked off the whole credit controversy between Kath and Glass. The new one is called “Deicide,” which is likely a reference to the death metal band of the same name, and it bears all the usual trappings of a Crystal Castle songs: a thumping backbeat, some glitchy blurred edges, a sense of overarching gothic dread. The only thing that’s different is the voice, which is still credited to the mysterious Edith, whose vocals are a lot softer than Glass’ ever were. “Their kindness is charade/ It’s used to sedate/ They remain unashamed/ If you are being used, you should remain confused to keep them amused,” the song begins before the lyrics descend into the largely indecipherable. Check it out below.