Micachu And The Shapes – “Oh Baby”

Mica Levi accumulated lots of attention and accolades with her score to Jonathan Glazer’s freaky sci-fi film Under The Skin. Now she’s back in Micachu & The Shapes mode, making off-kilter experimental pop that still sounds like nothing else. Micachu’s third album Good Sad Happy Bad spun out from a lengthy jam session recorded in secret by drummer Marc Pell. It’s heralded by lead single “Oh Baby,” which presents a creeping, low-key iteration of the group’s otherworldly junkyard music. The joyous sonic spasms of 2009 debut Jewellery have given way to something almost like trip-hop. Listen below.

(via Pitchfork)

01 “Sad”
02 “Relaxing”
03 “Dreaming”
04 “Sea Air”
05 “Thinking It”
06 “Crushed”
07 “Oh Baby”
08 “Waiting”
09 “Unity”
10 “Peach”
11 “LA Poison”
12 “Hazes”
13 “Suffering”

Good Sad Happy Bad is out 9/11 on Rough Trade.