Skylar Spence – “Can’t You See” Video

Skylar Spence is the fucking Prom King and there’s nothing you can do about it. Earlier this year, Ryan DeRobertis ditched effervescent sainthood (his longstanding SAINT PEPSI moniker), assumed a brand new alter ego (culled from Drew Barrymore’s character in a Woody Allen movie), and set out to conquer the pop world. At this point, there’s not even that much competition for Spence, a musician who plays with synths, harmonies, and basslines like they’re silly putty. “Can’t You See” is a self-love anthem that preaches the gospel of delighting in your own form; what higher brand of dignity is there? It’s just exultant enough to be a summer anthem, but not self-serious enough to get bogged down in the politics of selfies, narcissism, and loathing. Thank god. We declared it one of the week’s best songs when it came out, and the new video merely tacks on another reason to love this song. It’s the quintessential nerds-gone-wild plotline, a reminder that everyone deserves to fall in love, everyone deserves to dream, everyone deserves to dance. Watch below.

(via SPIN)

Prom King is out 9/18 via Carpark Records.