HANA – “Avalanche” (Prod. Blood Diamonds)

At this point, HANA seems like an artist more known for her associations than for the music itself. When her debut single “Clay” was released a few months ago, it got a big Lorde co-sign, a featured spot on the joint Lana Del Rey/Grimes tour, and a Grimes/Elite Gymnastics-directed music video. Most of this early wave of attention seems to have been because she runs in the same social circles as most of the above, and because her lead single and its follow-up were produced by Mike Tucker, aka Blood Diamonds.

She’s starting to come into her own, though: A new interview with Nylon reveals that the artist behind the capitalized moniker is 25-year-old Hana Pestle, who got her start as a touring acoustic singer-songwriter before deciding to overhaul her sound. Now, she makes glassy, accessible pop music that still retains some of her more writerly tendencies. Her second single, “Avalanche,” has the persistent thump of a schoolyard chant on ice, but the lyrics are cutting enough on their own: “I’ll sit and be pretty while I learn to be the one to yell no, scream no.” The track takes a little while to sink in, but it’s a promising start. Listen below.