James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg – “Up Of Stairs”

Guitar duets seem like a rare gem of the past, and finding a new one is a gentle reminder of the stripped-down beauty the acoustic format conveys. English collaborating guitarist James Elkington (who has worked with Jeff Tweedy, Richard Thompson, and Steve Gunn among others) and American solo guitarist and producer Nathan Salsburg (who curates the Alan Lomax Archive and sometimes accompanies Joan Shelley) released their debut as a duo five years ago. They’re returning this fall with their sophomore album Ambsace, recorded in Elkington’s studio attic, and besides the original compositions it will include covers of songs by Duke Ellington, Norman Blake, and the Smiths. Lead single “Up Of Stairs” is one of their own. It’s a winding track that takes you on a journey, a dreamy yet lively trip, with each string bend and pick. Elkington and Salsburg’s complementing styles shine throughout the song, their verses blend perfectly, while still owning their individual place. It’s a genuine mellow folk tune, the perfect soundtrack for a lazy summer day. Listen below.

Ambsace tracklist:

01 “Up of Stairs”
02 “Invention #4″
03 “Dim Recollection”
04 “The Narrowing of Grey Park”
05 “The Unhaunted Williams”
06 “Carrots”
07 “Reel Around the Fountain”
08 “Great Big God of Hands”
09 “Fleurette Africaine””
10 “Bee’s Thing”
11 “Rough Purr”
12 “Stern and Earnest”
13 “Slow Train”

Ambsace is out 9/18 via Paradise of Bachelors. Preorder here.