Gardens & Villa – “Fixations” Video (Feat. Foxygen’s Sam France)

Santa Barbara synth-pop duo Gardens & Villa will drop their forthcoming record, Music For Dogs, late this summer, and we already heard the first single, “Fixations.” In the accompanying Austin Kearns-directed video, Gardens & Villa members Chris Lynch and Adam Rasmussen traipse around a decadent LA art party that, if you have an aversion to alternative lifestyles, looks like a waking nightmare. Rasmussen calls the video a parody, and told The Fader the following about its plot:

The video is a satire of the culture that we actively participate in. Critiquing the self is an exercise in humor… It’s like an exaggeration of the 2015 internet-dependent human existence. I’s funny and, at the same time, a strange modern void.

Sam France of Foxygen plays the segway-riding Andy Warhol-looking characters. E-cigs, drones, and pastel-colored vomit abound! Watch below.

Music For Dogs is out 8/21 via Secretly Canadian.