Rey Pila – “Fire Away” (Prod. Julian Casablancas) (Stereogum Premiere)

The first fruits of Rey Pila’s time recording with Julian Casablancas are at our feet. The Mexican rock band’s new album The Future Sugar features three songs co-produced by the Strokes/Voidz frontman, one being album opener “Fire Away.” The track features your classic ’80s synthy bleep-bloops, poppy snares, and vocals probably influenced by Casablancas himself. If Mexican New Wave wasn’t already a genre, it definitely is now (I mean, just look at the album art). Frontman Diego Solorzano shared some thoughts on the track:

Working on this song with Julian and Shawn was a lot of fun. I learned a lot of new tricks… We felt this jam had something special ever since I wrote the melody. It made us move our feet right away.

Sometimes when you are working on a song, a very particular and unique feeling takes over. A sort of stream of consciousness. It doesn’t come along very often, but when it does you feel like a million dollars. We all felt this way about “Fire Away.”

Listen below.

The Future Sugar tracklist:
01 “Fire Away”
02 “White Night”
03 “Surveillance Camera”
04 “Alexander”
05 “False Self System”
06 “The Future Sugar”
07 “Nerds”
08 “Order Police”
09 “What A Nice Surprise”

And here’s the band:

The Future Sugar is out 9/25 on Cult Records.