Scorsese’s ’70s Music Biz Drama Transformed Rough Trade Brooklyn Into A Sam Goody (Sam Goody Was A Record Store)

Remember Sam Goody? Martin Scorsese sure does. Scorsese, Mick Jagger, and Boardwalk Empire creator Terence Winter have been working on their 1970s music industry drama series for HBO for a while now, and it looks like they’re making some progress. As BrooklynVegan reports, the show was filming outside of Rough Trade Brooklyn today, and they transformed the store into a mid-’70s Sam Goody for the shoot. Of course, there were also some vintage cars, old phone booths, and extras wearing outdated fashions hanging around to set the scene. The as-yet untitled show (filming signs just read “Rock And Roll”) stars Olivia Wilde, Bobby Canavale, Ray Romano, Juno Temple, and Ken Marino, and it also features the Drums’ former drummer Connor Hanwick as Lou Reed and Christian Peslak of Saint Rich/Delicate Steve as the New York Dolls’ David Johansen. Check out some more photos from the shoot below, all via BrooklynVegan (cue some joke about how this is the longest line of people waiting outside a record retailer in decades).

The show has no premiere date set yet.