Stream Bad Bad Hats Psychic Reader

Stream Bad Bad Hats Psychic Reader

Minneapolis trio Bad Bad Hats are about to release their debut full-length, Psychic Reader, next week. We’ve already heard the lovely title track and “Fight Song,” and the whole thing expertly splits the difference between airy, easygoing dreaminess and electric guitar crunch, with Kerry Alexander’s assured vocals holding everything together. This is what Alexander told Interview Magazine about the record:

I do love writing love songs because I love love. [laughs] They always start out as just feelings and emotions. In retrospect, a lot of songs deal with thinking back on a moment and wishing you could change it by saying something else or not saying anything at all. I think this album is sort of focused on past relationships I’ve had and reminiscing about things that were, but are no longer.

You can stream the entire album in advance below via Interview Magazine.

Psychic Reader is out 7/17 via Afternoon Records.

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