Chuck D Defends Bill Cosby, Accuses Marvin Gaye Of Pedophilia

To begin his tweet-spree defending Bill Cosby against immense, overwhelming rape allegations, Chuck D notes that we are living in a “wild bizarre time.” That might be the only sentiment in the Public Enemy member’s ensuing stream-of-conscious rant that I agree with. Despite the fact that 36 women to date have accused Cosby of inappropriate sexual behavior, that many accounts allege drugging along with rape, and that unsealed court documents reveal Cosby admitting that he drugged women he wanted to have sex with, Chuck D still felt the need to describe the current climate toward Cosby as “character assassination.”

I’m not really sure how the Confederate flag coming down is it all synonymous with the fall of Cosby’s public image. The former seems incredibly promising and the latter is incredibly chilling, but yes, both do represent a reversal of sorts.

This is really his major concern? That the women who took money to not publicly discuss that they were drugged and raped by one of the most powerful, beloved men in America give the money back? Or that institutions who accepted money from Cosby’s estate return it? If you want to know what rape culture looks like folks, it’s right here.

This is the one that threw most of us for a loop. As Complex points out, Gaye’s wife was 17 when they met and has alleged that Gaye went so far as to torture her. So that’s probably what Chuck D is referring to. However, equating what would be statutory rape with pedophilia is another massively illogical line of reasoning.

I’m not sure history is being wiped here at all; history is finally being set straight. There have actually been a number of deeply personal, incredibly well-written pieces by members of the black community about how important The Cosby Show remains within our cultural history, despite the actions of Cosby himself. Dr. Huxtable and Bill Cosby are not the same person, but in American mythology they had become synonymous. This scandal shows just how different their respective characters were. It has nothing to do with book burning. As for Phil Spector, I’m just going to leave that one alone. But it’s also worth noting that Cosby hasn’t faced any real consequences at all! His legacy is disgraced, but no legal action has been taken against him and he’s lost nothing but his reputation, which he clearly didn’t deserve anyway.

Again, we’ll have to spell out what Chuck D’s broad, sweeping comment probably means. Cosby and Hugh Hefner were friends in the ’60s — given that context, it’s even more horrifying to read Holly Madison’s interview describing how Hefner used Quaaludes in the same way Cosby did — and that seems to be what Chuck is referring to in that tweet. He needs institutions involved to return money to make our outrage justified? He says he’s not defending Cosby, he just wants the women who took money not to talk about being raped to give it back? If that’s not defending, I don’t know what is.