Childbirth – “Nasty Grrls”

Great punk rock novelty songs are an endangered species, but Childbirth had an absolute classic last year. “I Only Fucked You As A Joke” was an absolutely mean and catchy piece of work, and it was one of my favorite singles of last year. Childbirth are a side project made up of members of Chastity Belt, Tacocat, and Pony Time, and “I Only Fucked You As A Joke” was part of a direct-to-Bandcamp cassette EP. But Childbirth must be taking things a little more seriously now, since they’re about to release a proper album on a proper label. The first single from the forthcoming Women’s Rights is “Nasty Girls,” and it’s almost as dementedly great as “I Only Fucked You As A Joke.” It’s a crude, serrated anthem for ladies who piss in the shower and don’t clean litterboxes. Listen to it below.

(via Pitchfork)

Women’s Rights is out 10/2 on Suicide Squeeze.