Albert Hammond Jr. – “Losing Touch” Video

Albert Hammond Jr.’s new video for “Losing Touch” starts with dialogue from Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal where death is challenged to a game of chess. In his signature red jumpsuit, Hammond is running away from a white-faced death (who is a woman in this incarnation of Bergman’s classic). Spurred by the spirit of living life fully, Hammond and director Laurent Briet took a two-day trip to Morocco. Briet said, “I am always feeling that we’re all living on borrowed time and that every opportunity should be grabbed and made the most out of.” “Losing Touch” is the first video to come from that trip. The music propels his urgency as he cautiously runs through a bazaar into the streets, through a forest, a field, and eventually to the ocean where the reaper finally appears behind him. Watch Hammond try to cheat death below.

Momentary Masters is out 7/31 via Vagrant.