Tamaryn – “Cranekiss” Video

Tamaryn is moving into more weightless territory with her third album, and nowhere is that quality more apparent than on “Cranekiss,” the track that gives the record its name. The video is similarly detached from reality, a moody and trippy vision of Tamaryn’s face as its molded, twisted, and fragmented outwards. The video was created in collaboration with Gang Gang Dance’s Bryan DeGraw. Check it out, plus some words from Tamaryn about its creation, below.

Here’s Tamaryn talking with Billboard about the video:

This video that I’ve made with an artist who I really respect — Bryan DeGraw from Gang Gang Dance. He’s an incredible painter and he draws and he’s an amazing musician and an incredible human being. He offered to do it and he did, so I gave him full creative freedom and I just showed up in Hudson (where he lives) in a spacesuit and I just let him do his magic. I think that it’s got this alien energy to it. It’s somewhat abstract, but it suits the song very well.

We didn’t shoot at the studio. We shot it outside, natural light. We didn’t really discuss it. There was no treatment. He had a picture of this pineapple in water on a mirror, and I was like, “I want to be that pineapple!” And that was really all we did. We made all the stuff together and he edited it. I think he has a really great eye. It’s challenging and abstract, but then there’s times where you really see me and it’s really bare. I think it has a nice balance. And I love the end — the end is very Smashing Pumpkins.

Cranekiss is out 8/28 via Mexican Summer.