Banned By Chicago Mayor, Chief Keef Says Hologram Show Will Go On In A Secret Location

Banned By Chicago Mayor, Chief Keef Says Hologram Show Will Go On In A Secret Location

Last weekend, Chief Keef tried to play a benefit show for the family of Dillan Harris, a one-year-old who was recently killed by a hit-and-run driver on the South Side of Chicago. (The drivers had apparently just shot and killed Capo, a Keef associate, in a drive-by shooting.) Because of outstanding warrants, Keef can’t come back home to Chicago, so he was going to perform live via hologram from Los Angeles at Chicago’s Redmoon Theater. But apparently it’s not just Keef that’s banned from Chicago. Even his motherfucking hologram is banned.

The New York Daily News reports that Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, who should really have bigger things to do, urged the Redmoon to cancel the show before it could happen on Friday night, after local clergy made a stink about it in the press. An Emanuel spokeswoman told The Chicago Tribune, “The mayor’s administration called Redmoon and informed them that the show by Mr. Cozart, whose music promotes violence, posed a significant public safety risk.”

But Keef has said that the show will still happen; it will just have to be done from a secret location. According to a video on his Instagram, the show will happen 7/25, this Saturday, and it’ll be broadcast live at FilmOn.TV. Hologram Keef will still be there:

Oh yeah it's hannenin…. Powered by @alkidavid @hologramusa @filmontvnetworks

A video posted by Chief Keef (@chieffkeeffsossa) on

In Chicago this past weekend, I heard a lot about how local police had shut down shows from every Chicago street-rapper — a deeply sad case of a city’s authorities shutting down its own talent. I’m sure public safety is a concern there, but I’m also sure it’s not the only concern. Free Hologram Keef.

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