Jenny Hval – “Sabbath” Video

Sabbath” is one of the more disorienting cuts on Jenny Hval’s Apocalypse, girl, an album designed to disorient. The song itself is about a young girl’s sexual awakening, but the new video for the track chooses to emulate the feelings of bewilderment, wonder, and excitement that go along with that very pivotal time instead of opting for a more straight-forward interpretation, as she did in the video for “The Battle Is Over.” The clip was shot on a phone during their European tour, and it’s impressive how off-kilter it feels for how small everything feels. Goes to show what some good editing and slo-mo effects can do. Hval is joined by her stage performers Zia and Annie — who she talked about at length in an interview with NPR — as they mimic each other’s movements along the European countryside and in hotel rooms. The wigs that Hval has been wearing on her most recent tour also feature prominently as she shapeshifts to a new appearance in every scene. Watch below.

Apocalypse, girl is out now via Sacred Bones.

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