Birdman Speaks On Lil Wayne Feud: “I Love My Son”

The fierce battle that has erupted between Lil Wayne and his former mentor Birdman becomes more fraught with each headline. Wayne has gone from calling himself a “prisoner” to filing multi-million dollar lawsuits and releasing an album on Tidal. And that was all before alleged assassination plots surfaced. Throughout all of this, Birdman has kept remarkably quiet, possible drink-throwing aside. But he’s finally broken his silence in an interview with Angie Martinez of Power 105.1.

The full interview drops today at 4PM, but they’ve posted a teaser to build anticipation. Martinez took a trip out to Birdman’s estate for the interview, where they talked about the Young Money/Cash Money drama and how Nicki Minaj and Drake will be involved (to which he said “Nicki and Drake ain’t going nowhere.”) Birdman also told Martinez that he was shocked when Wayne spoke out against him, and that he still cares deeply for the rapper, who called “my son”:

That was shocking to everybody. I never thought [he’d] be saying anything about me, ever, in no lifetime. I never thought that could ever happen. For that man to open his mouth and say something negative about me, you understand me, that was a lot. Shit fucked my day up. I love my son, he means the world to me. For that man to say something negative about me, that affected my life. I see this shit and I hear, I see it and I hear. So my question would be to myself is do I just ride it out? Say fuck them and let them think what they want to think? Or do I entertain it?

Watch the clip below.