Millionaire Instagram Playboy Has The Most V.I.P. Festival Accommodations Ever

Can you really blame an extremely wealthy playboy for spending more than half a million dollars on his own VIP festival deck at Electric Zoo? As Bro Bible reports, Dan Bilzerian will be spending a handsome sum on his own personal playground during the event.

Take a look at this Snapchat screengrab of his official receipt:

Let’s recap why the “Instagram kingpin” and professional poker player Dan Bilzerian might want his privacy during the event.

New York’s EDM-centric Electric Zoo has already racked up quite the reputation. In 2013 the festival was canceled after two people died, but before it was canceled, 31 arrests were reported. Last year, all attendees were required to watch an anti-drug PSA before attending. Aside from those factors, Randalls Island generally turns into a hellish mud slosh after a few hours of pedestrian traffic.

So, Bilzerian’s expensive decision to drop $654,400 — via his Amex black card, of course — is totally logical. This will accommodate a private deck built to host Bilzerian and 200 of his guests, complete with tables and $500,000 worth of alcohol. Why get the measly $439 VIP wristband when you could spend over a hundred times that to create your own VIP section? More importantly, will performers like the Chemical Brothers or Alesso be invited to chill in these luxurious quarters?

Finally, Bilzerian will have a “personal fireworks/pyro controller” (at a cool $150,000) that allows him to launch fireworks whenever feels like it, whether it be a favorite song, when the beat drops, during a lull between sets. He’s literally getting custom fireworks to suit his festival needs. What could go wrong with that? I honestly don’t think this is the last we’ll hear of this custom VIP section.