Watch Battles Debut Four La Di Da Di Songs In A New Live Session

Battles announced their fifth album, La Di Da Di, last month, and shortly after shared a making-of documentary, but still haven’t released a lead single. It looks like they’ll be going for a more untraditional rollout for this record, as they’ve just shared a video for a live session shot near their New York rehearsal space of them playing four new tracks from the record, but with no studio versions of the songs just yet. The new tracks are called “The Yabba,” “Summer Simmer,” “Tyne Wear,” and “Dot Com,” and they’ll be streaming on the official Battles website on a continuous loop for the next 24 hours. The stream started at 10AM EST today, and will run until that time tomorrow (8/5). You can watch the stream below.

La Di Da Di is out 9/18 via Warp.