King Midas Sound & Fennesz – “Waves”

King Midas Sound is a side-project group that includes Kevin Martin, better-known as the eardrum-rupturing dance-music traveler the Bug, alongside the singers Roger Robinson and Kiki Hitomi. They’ve released a couple of albums, but they’ve never done anything as ambitious as the project they just announced: A series of four new albums, each of which will team them up with a different collaborator. First up: Edition One, which matches the group up with the Austrian ambient/experimental producer and guitarist Christian Fennesz. Fennesz’s washes of bliss might make a strange match for King Midas Sound’s anxiety vibes, but the two moods mesh in interesting ways on the seven-minute “Waves,” the first track we’ve heard from the new album. Below, listen to “Waves” and look at the album’s tracklist.

01 “Mysteries”
02 “On My Mind”
03 “Waves”
04 “Loving Or Leaving”
05 “Melt”
06 “Lighthouse”
07 “Above Water”
08 “We Walk Together”
09 “Our Love”

Edition One is out 9/18 on Ninja Tune.