Cloak – “Understand”

NYC’s Cloak are a fairly new band, formed in 2014, and they have an interesting experimental sound. The second single from their upcoming debut EP, “Understand,” is (ahem) cloaked in trippy electronic distortion, pixelated elements of noise coming together in choppy yet flowing waves. It could be the soundtrack to some future dystopian society. The band teased a few clips of the EP through their Instagram using colorful fuzzy VHS closeups and hashtagging strange things like #mortalkombat, #death, #hatred, and #goth. I don’t get a really negative vibe from their music, so I’m not sure why they used such depressing terms. Maybe it’s all a #joke. Anyway, the music is incredibly innovative; take a listen.

Catch them at Brooklyn’s Palisades on 8/16.

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