Angel Haze – “Babe Ruthless”

If Angel Haze’s most recent track “Impossible,” was a call-to-arms, then “Babe Ruthless” is the follow-through. “Babe Ruthless is my Machiavelli,” Haze explained to The FADER. “It’s me becoming Super Saiyan. It’s me becoming something you can’t label or contain and being better at it than all the versions of myself who’ve stepped up to bat before me.” Considering Haze is pretty hyped to begin with, Babe Ruthless as something of an amped-up alter ego spits with a hot venom. “If you fucking with me, I get gnarly/ Drama get added then you get subtracted,” Haze snarls at the end of the track. “I’ve got the only thing left I can give you/ And that’ll be waiting on you in a casket.” Listen below.

Haze’s new mixtape, Back To The Woods is expected on 9/14.

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