River Tiber – “Waves”

Canadian-based producer River Tiber has melded R&B’s smoothness and dubstep’s cool into a wonderful lounging track. The artist born Tommy Paxton-Beesley plays the violin, cello, synth, guitar, drums, trombone, piano, and probably a few more on top of those. His talent was borrowed in Drake’s infamous If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape (“No Tellin'” sampled Paxton-Beesley’s track “No Talk“), and his impressive repertoire includes work with BADBADNOTGOOD and Ghostface Killah. The riveting, sensitive falsetto we heard on recent single “Motives” echoes in the slight embellishments of his new single “Waves,” co-produced by Danny Voicu of Kwikfiks. Paxton-Beesley sounds emotionally worn, his whispering vocals and deep reverberating synth lines steadily creeping forward. Listen below.

River Tiber’s When The Time Is Right EP is out 9/16.

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