Majical Cloudz – “Silver Car Crash”

There are unmissable echoes of the Smiths’ classic “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” in “Silver Car Crash.” The first single from Majical Cloudz’ heavily anticipated Are You Alone? begins with these lyrics: “I never show it, but I am always laughing/ I want to kiss you inside a car that’s crashing/ And we will both die laughing/ ‘Cause there is nothing left to do/ And we will both die laughing/ While I am holding on to you.” You can hear Devon Welsh’s piercing stare in his delivery, but this time there’s an overwhelming warmth along with the maniacal intensity. We’ve seen Majical Cloudz perform this song live, but this studio recording is more satisfying than we could have imagined, Welsh’s evocative lyrics gracefully making their way through a wash of keyboard ambiance. “I want to show you the funny dream I’m having,” he sings. You’d to well to let him.

01 “Disappeared”
02 “Control”
03 “Are You Alone?”
04 “So Blue”
05 “Heavy”
06 “Silver Car Crash”
07 “Change”
08 “If You’re Lonely”
09 “Downtown”
10 “Easier Said Than Done”
11 “Game Show”
12 “Call On Me”

Are You Alone? is out 10/16 on Matador. Pre-order it from Matador, iTunes, or Amazon.