Metric – “The Shade” Video

Metric have just shared a video for their Pagans In Vegas single “The Shade.” In it, the band performs on a roof while a series of images showing both the beauty and ugly side of human nature stutter along to the beat. “We live in a world inundated with imagery,” Emily Haines told Rolling Stone. “Pictures, videos and graphics permeate our consciousness all hours of the day. That’s what we wanted to capture in ‘The Shade’: humanity and nature caught in patterns and loops of beauty, destruction and decay.” There’s some lame shit here — see someone burning a copy of a Billboard parody chart called The Bored 100, but mostly the stop-and-start graphics weirdly made me appreciate the song a little more for what it is. Your mileage may vary — check it out below.

Pagans In Vegas is out 9/18 via MMI/Crystal Math.