Stream Myrkur M

Last year, a mysterious Danish woman who called herself Myrkur caused a stir when she released a powerful self-titled EP full of evocative, atmospheric black metal. She caused even more of a stir when she revealed her identity: Amelie Bruun, a model who lives in Brooklyn and sings for the slick indie band Ex Cops. As you can imagine, people within the metal world caught a lot of feelings over this; our own Michael has written a lot of stuff about it. But whatever controversies she might be causing by her mere existence, Bruun is about that black metal life. And when it came time to record M, her proper debut album as Myrkur, she recorded it in Norway and enlisted Ulver’s Garm as a co-producer. Members of Mayhem and Nidingr contribute to the album. But more important than the personnel involved is the album itself, and M is just a powerful, foreboding, often quite beautiful piece of music. We’ve already posted the early tracks “Hævnen” and “Skøgen Skulle Dø,” as well as the video for “Onde Børn.” And now you can stream the entire album below.

M is out 8/21 on Relapse.

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