Oneohtrix Point Never Announces New Album Garden Of Delete

It looks like Daniel Lopatin has announced a new Oneohtrix Point Never album through his official website earlier this morning. As Pitchfork points out, the website contains a link to a PDF subtitled “tothefans” that takes the form of an essay from the studio and sees Lopatin introducing us to an alien lifeform named Ezra by way of a Myspace-style bulletin board questionnaire where the alien answers questions like “are you a virgin?” and “do you have any pets?”

That PDF contains a link to a blog, where the most recent post is an interview between Lopatin and Ezra where he discusses a new Oneohtrix Point Never album. It is apparently called Garden Of Delete (G.O.D for short), and will be out in November. It’ll be the followup to OPN’s 2013 release R Plus Seven.

Here’s some quotes from the interview, where he also mentions his previously announced collaboration with Antony:

E: “What is the timetable for the rest of the year as far as vacations, writing new material and recording is concerned? When can we expect a new album? Does it begin with the letter R?” 

D: The record is finished. I’ve spent most of the summer thinking about how I want to present it. I started writing in January, and wrapped up in July. It’ll be out in November. It’s called Garden of Delete or G.O.D. for short. The R thing is over. 


E: Would you describe the new record as cybermetal? Hypergrunge? ??D: It’s somewhat influenced by cybernetic rock. I’m aware of the hypergrunge movement. When I went on tour with NIN, Reznor gave me the green light to attempt cyberdrone for Soundgarden audiences in broad daylight. By the time Soundgarden hit the stage their fans were exausted, often irritated. So that was interesting, however the whole thing had me questioning the effectiveness of cyberdrone beyond the Live Nation context.

Tour ended and I spent time in Japan working on Manabu Namiki remixes and new songs by Anohni. When I got back home I decided to get a Kronos and I would just write using that a lot. I also got a deck of T2 trading cards which I was using as a sort of tarot.


He also mentions the names of a few new songs in the interview, including “Sticky Drama,” “I Bite Through It,” “Ezra,” and “Animals.” You can read the entire interview and peruse the whole blog here.

Read our interview with Lopatin from around the time of R Plus Seven.

UPDATE: Lopatin released a 43-second teaser called “g.o.d. flame” featuring new music. Watch it below.

UPDATE 8/24: Vulture published another teaser called “g.o.d. gun,” which you can watch below.

Garden Of Delete is out 11/13 on Warp.