Watch Aimee Mann & Ted Leo Sing About Lincoln Chafee On Conan

Aimee Mann and Ted Leo made an appearance on Conan to present the world with a song that they wrote in support of the former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee, who is running for president and is currently polling at 0 percent. At Conan O’Brien’s behest, Leo and Mann wrote a campaign song to the tune of Fine Young Cannibals’ “She Drives Me Crazy” as a means to increase Chafee’s support to at the very least 1 percent. O’Brien isn’t voting for Chafee, but he felt the need to show the presidential hopeful a bit of support: “I’m personally not going to vote for him, okay? But, I think we should at least get him on the board so he’s not humiliated.” Chafee later thanked O’Brien for the unsolicited campaign song in a statement published on Billboard:

I want to thank Conan for the attention,” Chafee wrote in a statement released by his spokeswoman. “He’s a good sport and I would definitely come on the show to help his ratings.

Watch Mann and Leo perform the song below.