Fetty Wap Stage Dive Injures 2 Women At Billboard Hot 100 Fest

The ethics of stagediving is already a hot-button debate topic in the punk world; it’s something of a pet issue for the band Joyce Manor. And now maybe we can look forward to that same conversation crossing over into the world of atonally howled pop-rap. TMZ reports that scraggle-voiced hitmaker Fetty Wap jumped from the stage yesterday when he was performing at the Billboard Hot 100 Fest (which is a thing) at Jones Beach on Long Island. In the chaos of the crowd-rush that followed, two girls were pinned under a metal fence and suffered minor injuries. (TMZ’s A+ subhed: “2 Queens Trapped.”) Watch the inscrutable, Cloverfield-esque fan-made video below.

Fetty Wap still made it back to the stage and finished the show.

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