No Surprises Among Forbes’ Highest Paid DJs 2015

Forbes released its list of the world’s highest-paid DJs this morning, and it looks mightily similar to the ones from the last two years. As EDM’s dominance over pop culture continues, it’s no longer very surprising that these artists are pulling in as much money as they are, though the price tags are still astronomical. Calvin Harris stays steady as top dog, raking in $66 million over the last year — Forbes points out that his relationship with Taylor Swift now makes them the reigning king and queen moneymakers of music, beating out even Beyonce and Jay Z. David Guetta also maintains pace at No. 2, though he’s short of Harris’ total by a cool $29 million. The rest of the list features some moving and shaking — notably Skrillex’s rise from No. 9 to No. 4 — but it’s pretty much the same list of names jumbled up in a different order. Good for them! Lots of money! Wish I had some of it. Check out the full list below.

01. Calvin Harris ($66 million)
02. David Guetta ($37 million)
03. Tiësto ($36 million)
04. Skrillex ($24 million)
04 (tie). Steve Aoki ($24 million)
06. Avicii ($19 million)
07. Kaskade ($18 million)
08. Martin Garrix ($17 million)
08 (tie). Zedd ($17 million)
10. Afrojack ($16 million)
11. Deadmau5 ($15 million)
11 (tie). Diplo ($15 million)