Stream Two Abandoned Abandon Demos From The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Indie-pop crew the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart released their third full-length, Days Of Abandon, last year. In an interview with us about the record, frontman Kip Berman extolled the virtues of concision: “All of our records have 10 songs. Who wants to hear a band’s 11th best song?” At the end of the year, though, the band released a deluxe edition of the album with not one but five bonus tracks that didn’t make the cut. And it seems that even more were left on the cutting room floor — Berman has revealed via tweet that he “just found 50+ old demos I recorded for Days Of Abandon,” and now he’s shared a couple of them with us. They sound pretty good! Listen below.

It doesn’t seem like these will be getting any sort of official release. But there is some Demos Of Abandon 2011-2013 cover art, so maybe?