Heems Says Fox Is Producing A Sitcom About Him

If the life of celebrity chef Eddie Huang can become the basis for a hit sitcom (Fresh Off The Boat! Tuesdays on ABC!), then the life of Heems should get a shot at becoming the same. Heems, the former Das Racist rapper, is an extremely funny motherfucker when he wants to be. He’s spoken, with great passion and power, about what it was like growing up Indian-American in post-9/11 New York; “Patriot Act,” the closer from his great recent album Eat Pray Thug, is the most recent and powerful example. But from another perspective, that same experience could be a gold mine for pointed jokes. And so it’s pretty awesome that Fox has bought the rights to make a sitcom out of Heems’ life. Here’s what he says about it on Twitter:

There are a million things that could stop something like this from making it to the air, but let’s all cross our fingers for this one. If nothing else, Himanshu Suri deserves to get paid.

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