Littler – “Somewhere Else”

“It’s always better somewhere else,” Madeline Meyer states plainly on “Somewhere Else,” the first track that Littler has shared from their upcoming debut full-length. It’s a relatable and easy-to-digest sentiment, especially for someone taking the first steps into adulthood — we enjoy comparison shopping life, but we’re unwilling or unable to pick one and settle down. We move without motivation; we enjoy hesitation and stasis. The Philly band named their debut album Of Wandering, and they seem content to do just that. Wry comments about the California drought (“Out west, there is nothing but options/ Unless I’m trying to take a bath”) and the price of concerts (“The shows here are five bucks/ But my presence here fucking sucks”) — deflect some of the guilt at a lack of development, but the pain is still there, fluttering away to the next locale: “I’ll miss the big moments/ This heart is in the mail.” The whole track — which was produced by Swearin’s Kyle Gilbride — carries itself with a dusty, wind-swept romanticism, because even though they’re missing whoever they’re kissing through the phone, they still relish the independence: “But from here I get to miss you/ And have some things for me only.” Listen below.

Of Wandering release details are still TBA, but for now check out their self-released Get A Life EP from last year.

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