Donald Trump Encourages Kanye West Presidential Campaign

Kanye West made an epic speech at the VMAs last Sunday, in which he stated that he will be running for president in 2020. Whether or not he was serious is up for debate, but many would argue that Kanye should jump into this dismal election cycle rather than wait around for the next. After all, last week marked the 10th anniversary of Late Registration and Hurricane Katrina, which also means it’s the 10th anniversary of Kanye’s mic-drop statement: “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Since he made his VMA speech, Kanye has been compared to Donald Trump, since both are hyper-concerned with seeming “likable” in the media and both are charismatic speakers. Rolling Stone spoke to Donald Trump about Kanye’s bid for the presidency, and Trump asserted that he’s a fan of Kanye’s music and persona both on and off-stage. He also encouraged Kanye’s political ambitions, saying, “[Kanye is] actually a different kind of person than people think. He’s a nice guy … I hope to run against him someday.” Watch the interview below.