Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable Details Revealed

Janet Jackson is dropping her first album in seven years, as we reported several months ago, and today she’s shared details about Unbreakable.

This morning she tweeted a link to an extensive press release about the record on her website, along with an image that we can only assume will be the album cover.

So far we’d heard a preview of “The Great Forever” and the whole of slinky first single “No Sleeep,” and now we know the album will be out on 10/2. Pre-order begins today, and she’s also shared the full tracklist. The album will include the far lesser remix version of “No Sleeep” featuring J. Cole, which we saw coming because he’s in the video as well. Missy Elliott is the only other featured guest.

Here’s the Unbreakable tracklist:

01 “Unbreakable”
02 “Burnitup!” (Feat. Missy Elliott)
03 “Dammn Baby”
04 “The Great Forever”
05 “Shoulda Known Better”
06 “After You Fall”
07 “Broken Hearts Heal”
08 “Night”
09 “No Sleeep (Feat. J. Cole)”
10 “Dream Maker/ Euphoria”
11 “2 B Loved”
12 “Take Me Away”
13 “Promise”
14 “Lessons Learned”
15 “Black Eagle”
16 “Well Traveled”
17 “Gon B Alright”

She still keeps using the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe, which isn’t the album title as speculated and isn’t even on the tracklist, so it’s unclear what that phrase refers to. That last track’s title is very close to Kendrick Lamar’s latest single “Alright,” so I’m going to ship that it’s another remix/rework until someone tells me otherwise.

Unbreakable is out 10/2 via Jackson’s own label Rhythm Nation with distribution by BMG. Pre-order it here.