Philosophical Zombie – “Garden Grows Regardless” (Stereogum Premiere)

Philosophical Zombie – “Garden Grows Regardless” (Stereogum Premiere)

Killer Wail Records is the new label by Jessica Zambri (ex-Zambri) and Noel Heroux (ex-Hooray For Earth). And although the first official Killer Wail affiliate was Zambri’s own project Solvey, they’ve now signed a second act called Philosophical Zombie. Debut album Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue is coming this fall, and it’s preceded by the violently scrappy lo-fi rock track “Garden Grows Regardless.” Here’s how project mastermind Ted Billings explains the project:

I wrote and recorded this alone, in a small room, in a small town, on a laptop, on the South Shore of Massachusetts during fall of 2014. This was after spending the better part of a year living in New York. I wrote and recorded 15 songs without being totally sure what they were going to be or where they were going to go. After playing the songs for my friends Noel and Jess, they suggested it was done — as is. Not having considered that, I listened back a few times and agreed.

Like a more melancholy Guided By Voices, “Garden Grows Regardless” churns along with a powerful undertow, Billings’ lyrics nearly disappearing under the surf. It’s a pleasing introduction to his music, and you can hear it below..

Loneliness Is Blue And Not Blue is out digitally 11/6 on Killer Wail Records with extremely limited physical release. Philosophical Zombie plays Gutter in NYC on 9/24 with a special guest to be announced.

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