Long Beard – “Hates The Party”

Leslie Bear’s moniker “Long Beard” suggests one of two things to someone who is unfamiliar with her music: It’s a winking re-working of her initials, or it’s a pointed effort to portray herself as wizened and wise. Both might be true, but the latter seems more fitting when aligned with her new single. The lonely aesthetic of “Hates The Party” mirrors its content, as Bear’s voice curls itself around a spindly guitar notes and a smattering of other atmospheric sounds. She laments the feeling that sometimes surfaces when you’re in a room filled with unfamiliar faces, the intense sadness that comes with realizing that you’re completely alone in the universe. These are the thoughts that keep Bear from falling into an easy sleep, and this is the song that will cradle you when that same sense of inadequacy creeps into your consciousness in the early hours of the morning. Long Beard’s debut album Sleepwalker is out next month; check out its first single “Porch” and listen to “Hates The Party” below.

Sleepwalker is out 10/23 on Team Love.

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