American Football Writing New Songs, May Release Another Album

When I saw the American Football reunion tour last fall in New York, one thing was immediately clear: People care deeply about this band. That came as a surprise to American Football’s members, whose original late-’90s run attracted a much more humble fan base and ended without much fanfare outside Midwest emo’s devoted core. But a bazillion modern emo revivalists have turned to American Football as an inspiration during the interim, making them something like the Velvet Underground’s aesthetic inverse. They retired as commoners and returned to find they’d been anointed as kings.

Sensing the demand for new material, Mike Kinsella and company are writing new material, and there’s a chance of a new album if the songs are up to snuff. A few weeks ago at Reading festival they filled in NME about these developments, and a Reddit post today brought that interview to our attention. Watch below.

American Football were also on the Song Exploder podcast last week talking about “The One With The Tambourine.”