Fresh Snow – “Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth” (Feat. Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham)

The genre-blurring Toronto psychedelic band Fresh Snow are a couple of days away from releasing their new album Won, and we’ve already posted the album track “Proper Burial,” which features DIANA’s Carmen Elle. And now, the motherlode. Fresh Snow have shared an enormous 11-minute monolith that comes bearing the generally amazing title “Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse In The Mouth.” The takes its time building a staring-into-infinity krautrock groove, and it features a guest vocal from my dude Damian Abraham, lead bellower in fellow Toronto band Fucked Up. Abraham doesn’t come roaring in until the song is nearly half over, but he really kicks over some tables when he shows up. Listen to the song below.

Won is out 9/11 on Hand Drawn Dracula.