Pinback’s Rob Crow Explains His Comments About Quitting Music

Pinback’s Rob Crow Explains His Comments About Quitting Music

Back in March, Pinback’s Rob Crow announced via Facebook and Twitter that he would be finishing up his current projects and then quitting music (and social media, and drinking) to focus on his family. We haven’t heard anything from him since then — which makes sense — but now, in a new interview with Snapshots Music & Arts Foundation, he’s both explained his comments and sort of backtracked, casually dropping in the news that he’s coming out with a new record and hoping to tour in support of it:

I mean, if I didn’t say anything at all, then it would seem weird. That I just disappeared or something. But writing that thing … I just wrote a thing on Facebook. Everybody went weird. All I did was post a thing on Facebook, though! And all these people took it in so many different ways. But most importantly, I want people to know that that post was not a cry for help, and I wasn’t trying to do a weird “Come on guys, save me or else I really mean it!” Nothing like that. But everything I wrote on Facebook and Twitter up to that point was basically a cry for help. [laughs] Before that, that was me going, “Nah, I’m just gonna do this.” But I would say that — “Yes, this is a cry for help, I’m drowning,” in these tweets and whatnot. Saying “I’m circling the drain here.” [laughs] Writing that I thought was the first step in being a healthy person. And I haven’t written anything since on there, and just try to write in my notebooks and do healthy things. Yeah, but, so now that I’m actually gonna come out with a new record and hopefully tour with it, it’s gonna seem … I don’t know. I don’t know what it’s gonna seem like. It’s the one thing I failed to quit.

So basically, what I’m getting out of this is “Fuck yeah, Rob Crow is putting out a new record!” It’s not clear if this is gonna be a solo thing or Pinback or one of his insanely numerous other bands and projects, but whatever the case, I’m stoked. Watch the full video interview below.

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